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10 Simple Steps To Find Out How Much A Solar Panel System For Home Costs

...and how you can get if for far less in 2021/2022




How to afford solar power system in your home in South Africa

Here are your 10 Steps to Your Solar Panel System

2.Whipping up green power in your kitchen.

Solar power system with Relax solar
How much power does my kitchen use ?

Ever wondered whether it is even worthwhile, to get your house off the grid and onto solar?

Here is a quick and easy guide, to evaluating your home ,for a move towards solar.

There are 10 main steps, which you can take, to evaluate your home, to understand just what price range you are looking at.

There is also a quick and easy check list that you can use at the end of this article.


Plus as an added bonus you will also be able to fully understand what the person who comes to give you a quote, is talking about, so that they don't quote you a ridiculous price, for the installation and equipment.

1. Understanding when you would like to have solar power!

This is a very important step, as it sets the ground work for your basic needs, it involves looking at the times that you are home, during the day.


Would you like your home power to run all the time during the day whether the mains power is on or not? Do you mind electrical outages during the day or not?


Must the electrical power be on all night?


How many people live in the house? What hours are they home?


How many lights are on during the day


How many lights are on at night, and for how many hours?

An evaluation of your kitchen and laundry tools is essential. They often make up the appliances used the most, during the day and during meal times.


By looking at each item, and marking which you use, and when you use it , will help you to understand your current power usage. This in turn will , help your local solar agent understand how to size the solar panel , inverters, and solar battery banks best, in order to serve your needs!

3.Turning sunlight into your hot water needs

6.How To heat or Cool , that is the Solar Power System Question

5.Office Needs & Working From Home

4. Switching on that remote!

The sun is powerful. It's heat can be used in many ways, some of the most common uses being solar power panels, and solar power system geysers which use the sun to heat up your water.


These geysers are extremely economical, and reduce your power consumption enormously !

They are also commonly fitted out with an electrically heating element, inside them, so that on cold or overcast days, you will still have hot water.

How do you keep hot water in your bath once you
Maintaining your lifestyle by going off-grid

Does your tv remote get switched on every day?


In this step you'll need to find out just how many tv's you have in the house, along with any gaming devices, and other digital devices, that you use for entertainment purposes!

Running your office with a Solar off-grid system

I just wanted to congratulate you.


You have achieved more indepth analysis about your home than most people do in 10 years of home ownership! If you are struggling with information overload, please go to the end of this article and download the free worksheet that I have created, that will help you to capture all this information, through an easy checklist.


Lets continue, by looking at you Office hours needs.


How much time do you spend working from home, over the weekends, and into the week nights? Just how often does your computer run?

Do you have a printer, an inkjet or laser?

What other equipment do you run for your office? Or in your home setup?


How do you cool and heat your Solar Power System for Home?

Do you use a heater in the cold winter?

How about an air conditioner, in the sweltering hot summer days?


These machines use up a lot of power, so it's ideal that you know how many you have, and how often they run.

A study done, by the department of energy, in the United States, calculated that 6% of all electricity produced, was consumed by air conditioners ! Their study shows that it is possible to reduce this consumption by between 20 to 50 percent, through a few simple steps.

The link above, will show you their infographic on how to achieve this.


But For now, make sure you record all the units you have in your home, and when you run them.

Pool pumps, Garden accesories running on Solar Power

Do you have a heated pool or a swimming pool with a pool pump?


Yes, these also need to be consider, when moving to solar!


In our experience, many home owners can save on their energy bill, by simply reducing the hours that their swimming pool pumps run, by installing a timer system.

Another interesting way to reduce your energy bill is by installing a small sized pool pump. Many home owners are left with a legacy system, that was far too big, for the size of their swimming pool. You may want to consult an engineer about this option, as pool sales people , are more than likely looking for a bigger sale, instead of helping you reduce your energy bill !


Don't forget to look for any other outdoor appliances, such as irrigation controllers, or outdoor lights, that you need to add to your list, as well !

7.Cooling off in your pool and garden

Home Security powered off Solar Panels

One of the many advantages of moving onto a Solar Power System for Home, is that any alarm systems, or CCTV cameras, that you have will stay on, all the time.

So rather than getting shutdown, when there are power outages, or load shedding, you get to have 24 7 security, giving you maximum protection for your family, and your belongings!


8.Security and Solar!

Electric Cars charged on Solar Power

9.How does your green transport fit in

Have you been considering purchasing an electric car in the near future?

Is that something on your dream list?

The question is, how are you going to charge it?

Quite simply, if you go solar then you need to factor in , charging it, from your solar panels that are powering your home.


Imagine, a fully charged car, courtesy of the sun ! What a win !

Download your FREE Solar Power System for Home Planner

10. Fill in your Free Resource

Please simply click on the link below, to access your free checklist and worksheet ,that will help you work through all of these areas!

It includes, very pointed questions to help you gather the most amount of information, quickly!

That way, when you call your local Solar sales agent , to request a quotation, you will be armed with all the information needed to make an effective decision, quickly.


Wouldn't you love to impress the agent, when they arrive, with your abundant knowledge on how and when your house works !


They will treat you like VIP , knowing that they had best give you the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth , when it comes to your solar quotation!

There you have it ! A simple 10 step process to understanding your home power consumption, is one of the most essential first steps, to giving you insight into affording solar power system for you your home !


Let's summarise what was covered in this video

In order to understand, how much a Solar Power System for Home will cost, you have started the process by understanding your current power usage!

You covered every area of your home and garden. You also looked at your business and entertainment needs.


You will now move on to understanding the types of solar power systems for home, that actually exist !

If you have successfully filled in your free analysis above, feel free to take the next step in equipping yourself with a Solar Power System for Home , by learning more about which system would suit you best.


In Summary

Steps to Take Next


By simply downloading the free checklist and worksheet below, you have shown us that you are serious about your journey forward.

As such we will be sending you a very special email in the next 24 - 48 hours , which will help you on your next step.

This email will contain a link to the next video and article in this series, helping you understand the 3 main types of solar systems that exist, and how to understand which type would best suit your needs , as a home owner.



But remember, you need to download the checklist, in order to access this next article and video. The link can be found below. Go ahead, download the resource, and set yourself up for a successful, effective understanding, of how Solar Power System for home will improve your life and give you more spending power in the future !

Thank you for watching, and we look forward to seeing you at the next video, armed with a better understanding of your power usage!

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